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famiglia amonoglu

Who are we?

We are a young company driven by an ambitious project: to create high-quality gluten-free products, handmade and at the same time with a long shelf life, easy to use, and practical to store (they can be stored at room temperature).

We value people greatly.

Behind each of our products, there are at least 2 hands that have contributed to its creation.

famiglia amonoglu
famiglia amonoglu

My Story

Hi! My name is Luca, and ever since I was a child, I’ve had a great passion for cooking. I used to play with the dough my grandmother gave me when she made pizza or any other sweet or savory dough.

Despite my calling, I never thought of doing it as a profession.

I attended a classical high school, and when it came time to choose a university major, my passion turned into a challenge.

I moved to Naples, where I attended a course on Neapolitan pizza.

I did several internships, returned to my hometown in Calabria, and opened my pizzeria at the age of 23.

In an effort to meet different needs (vegan lifestyles, lactose and nickel intolerances), I became very passionate about the gluten-free world, creating the pizza that I regularly serve in the pizzeria.

Customers appreciated it; they told me that they couldn’t find a good gluten-free pizza elsewhere, and that’s when the idea evolved!

I thought of supplying pizzerias with my gluten-free and lactose-free pizza, but there were obstacles to overcome, namely maintaining the qualities of an artisanal product while being able to keep it outside the refrigerator for over 2 months.

The solution? I studied a lot.

I attended courses on gluten-free cooking and consulted experts from around the world.

The product received positive feedback from Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and German companies, and after a year of attempts, Amonoglu was born.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!